District Quality Monitoring System for Education (DQMS-E)

EARC in collaboration with National Education Assessment Unit (NEAU) of GES, and Research Triangle Institute International (RTI) piloted the DQMS-E in 12 districts in Ghana. In 2014, selected GES officers from Ekumfi, Shai Osu Doku and Upper West Akim districts were trained on the use of the instruments. In 2016, a DQMS-E sensitization workshop was organized for all districts in Greater Accra region. In addition, selected GES officers from nine districts in Greater Accra were also trained.

The DQMS-E is a district level school monitoring tool that is: cost effective, routinely run throughout the school year, easy to tabulate/analyze, and provides district level data about how pupils and schools are performing. The DQMS-E has been adapted specifically for Ghana and is based on a classification tool called Lot Quality Assurance Sampling—or LQAS. LQAS in an industry quality control technique that involves testing a random sample of a population to determine whether it meets a predetermined standard.